In recognition of Mental Health WeekCJSF 90.1 FM in partnership with Gallery Gachet will presented a special May 4th episode of their two Tuesday Night radio programs. The Artist Lounge and Melodies in Mind hosted by Jay Peachy and Ryan Fletcher will broadcast their programs live in front of a studio audience at Gachet’s artist space on 88 East Cordova Street in Vancouver.

The Artist Lounge (7-8pm) guests and performers will included singer/songwriters Naomi LippettDan Mangan and Gallery Gachet Collective members Stephen LongKaren Ward and Quin Martins;

Melodies in Mind (8-10pm) hosted the talents of musicians Bryan AndersonKaren Larson, and Nadia Von Hahn.

As artists we are always challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries of thought and exposing elements of our soul. It may seem like a glamorous and inspirational life, but there are side effects, it can be an emotional vortex that can suck the life right out of you.   So how do artists manage their Creative Minds? Especially those with the added burden of having a mental disorder.  We bring different perspectives on this topic.

In this weeks version of ‘The Artist Lounge’ are Gallery Gachet Collective Members, Quin Martins, Karen Ward and Stephen Long. They will talk about the Gallery and the process of creating Art in spite of having a Mental Disorder.  In addition, we had local musican and arts advocate in studio Naomi Lippett.

Our Feature guest, Vancouver based, Singer Songwriter Dan Mangan shared his perspective on the topic and performed for us live.

Listen to the archived episode here, will take a moment to load.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

NOTE:  VCommunity ‘One World’ Segment featuring the Mental Health Week Episode, broadcast details

Saturday, May 22 @ 4-4:30pm … moves from 7:30-8pm due to special live event programming

Sunday, May 23 @ 8-8:30pm
Thursday, May 27 @ 12-12:30am (Wednesday midnight)
Thursday, May 27 @ 10:30-11am
Friday, May 28 @ 3-3:30am

(VCTA) One World
CJSF Radio @ Gallery Gachet: in support of Mental Health Week programming provided by VcommunityTV (a local group of filmmakers and concerned people), this episode features edited excerpts from two regular Tuesday evening CJSF Radio programs taped @ Gallery Gachet on May 4, 2010, in support of Mental Health Week:

(1) The Artist Lounge show, including performances by Naomi Lippett & Mike Priebe, and Dan Mangan, and Gachet Collective Artists Stephen Long, Karen Ward and Quin Martins

(2) The Melodies In Mind show, including performances by Bryan Anderson, Nadia Von Hanh, and Karen Larson & Pat Covernton.