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Lia Haleem is an avid volunteer in the Vancouver community, and is particularly interested in issues concerning women, children, the arts and mental wellness.  She feels an urgency to live her life fully, and explore the world.

Often balancing the perspectives between extrovert and introvert, journaling and poetry have been her art of choice.  She has always found a fascination with words, the way they sound, the shape of them, how they can move through mediums.  She likes the accessibility of words, and is sometimes caught up watching the energy of spoken word poetry on Youtube.

Lia is currently studying Communication at Simon Fraser University , and pursuing a minor in Dialogue.  She is passionate about the ideals of dialogue and the possibilities of creating new solutions.  Lia also enjoys internet memes, pop culture, and singing along to love ballads.

She plans to continue travelling, work with people and live a good life.  Lia will be assisting in the production of special event and radio broadcast, keep a look out for her,  she’s the one with a big smile!

Creative Healing Stories. From New York, we Speak with Julia Cameron, Writer and Author of the book ‘The Artists Way’ about Art and its relationship with our emotions.

Singer Songwriter and Audiophile Rob Fillo also joins us to talk about audio engineering and his creative process.

Here’s the archive, may take a moment to load

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Rob Fillo


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