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Sound Therapy Radio received recognition from the Canadian Mental Health Association – Simon Fraser Branch for the media work done to support their initiatives.

Everyone who participated in the show past and present, should celebrate this achievement
They made specific reference to the interview with Heather Steele one of their outreach workers in Maple Ridge, who we interviewed  during the Homelessness Marathon, which aired on CJSF 90.1 FM and Shaw TV Vancouver and Victoria. This is the second time we have been recognized for work covering the homeless.

Thank you to Rodney Baker, Executive Director of the CMHA Simon Fraser Branch for recognizing our efforts.

In honour of the late Jack Layton we get different pespectives on ‘The Spirit of a Leader’.  In studio is John Pippus, in addition we talk with Ottawa based singer Songwriter Amanda Rheaume.  Poet Penn Kemp, who’s brother in law is Jack Layton, shares some of her personal stories and poems dedicated to a man who inspired many across the country.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2  (30 mins)

Fraser MacKenzie

Two very interesting guests in the studio today. Francis Arevalo, Slam Poet talks about the craft and how he came across it as a youth. Singer Songwriter and Mental Health Advocate Fraser MacKenzie shares his music and provokes images through his lyrics.  We also have some fun with the kids from CJSF Radio Camp at the Shaw TV studios.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Corey Allan Hawkins, Azimyth

We have two inspiring guests on this show, both of who have openly share stories of their challenges.  Corey Allan Hawkins is a singer songwriter with the band Azimyth that recently cracked the Top 20 of the Fox Seeds as the “Fan Favourite”.  He shares us his challenges of growing a businesses having it fall and then getting back up again and committing to his music.  Corey has turned his life around and fulfilled his dream of working with Steve Albini (who previously produced In Utero by Nirvana and Surfer Rosa by the Pixies and Tom Baker (a regular Nine Inch Nails collaborator), who mastered their new album.

Jesse Donaldson, Self Portrait circa 2005

Jesse Donaldson, is a regular contributor to and recently wrote about the state of the mental health system in BC in his article titled ‘MIND THE GAP’.  Based on Jesse’s personal experience of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, he gives us an overview of anxiety disorders and also shares what we discovered while researching for his article.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Sound Therapy Radio, Tuesdays @ 7pm, CJSF 90.1 FM, online

For Immediate Release – August 4, 2011, New Westminister, BC

Sound Therapy Radio and the CMHA collaborate on Arts Based Initiatives. Launch with event on Saturday, August 6th.

Sound Therapy Radio, an Arts and Mental Health Radio and TV Program (CJSF 90.1 FM and Shaw Cable 4 Vancouver), and the Canadian Mental Health Association – Simon Fraser branch, are collaborating to raise awareness for Mental Health, fight stigma, and Raise Funds for Arts Based Initiatives

“The power of creative art work, has been long been recognized as a powerful  therapeutic force in promoting and maintaining people’s mental well being.  CMHA  strongly supports initiatives which increase self confidence and inclusion in the community for people with mental health challenges.”  states Rodney Baker, Executive Director, CMHA Simon Fraser Branch.

“Over the news few months we will be announcing a number of projects that will create Arts Based Mental Health initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for healing, self expression, and employment for people challenged with Mental Health issues.” states J Peachy, Producer of Sound Therapy Radio and Creative Director for CHMA Simon Fraser, Arts Initiatives

By collaborating with the CMHA  Simon Fraser Branch , Sound Therapy ArtsFest will be a Celebration for those of us who have mental health challenges, as well as supporters of the Mental Health Community.  It will serve as a conscious raising event as well as fundraising mechanism to enable future creative opportunities.

Sound Therapy ArtsFest will be held on Saturday August 6th, at the Princeton Pub, at 1901 Powell Street (at Victoria)  and will feature, live music, painting, comedy, and much more.  Musical guests include Laine Henderson, Steel Audrey and The John Pippus Band.  Comics Melanie Rose and J Peachy will co-host the evening.

For more information on Sound Therapy Radio contact

Rodney Baker  MA RCC

Executive Director

Canadian Mental Health Association

Simon Fraser Branch  604 516 8080

In today’s episode which is a sneak peak to the upcoming Sound Therapy ArtsFest on Saturday August 6th, we explore the Power of Art.  In studio are all the performers from the upcoming event, including musical acts; Laine Henderson, Steel Audrey and The John Pippus Band.

We also hear from Ana Branducescu, who recently hiked Mt Kilimanjaru in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association – Simon Fraser Branch .  Comic Melanie Rose also rounds out the cast in the studio.

Ana Summits Mt Kilimanjaru, July 2011

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Steel Audrey, gives us a taste of their music.

As artists we know the power of art and giving.  As creative types we often explore, experience and observe the depths of our emotions, we want to invite others to hear our stories and share in this experience; it has tremendous value to all that participate.  As many know I have stumbled into a creative career, paved through my own complex circumstances.  I’ve been so blessed that I want to bring the experience to others.

Through almost two years of Sound Therapy Radio, I have met some great people, learned new skills, have been introduced to a whole new world of inspiring stories and expressions. l have thus made it a personal mission to make the arts safe and accessible to others.  Many people have also seen this vision, including,  CJSF, V Community TV, Gallery Gachet and the Canadian Mental Health Association, who in particular are partnering with us on a number of projects to showcase this in tangible ways.

One of the first of many events that will be a collaboration with artists who share these values is Sound Therapy ArtsFest.  Unlike other events where the creative souls are mere commodities in other causes.  The gifts of artists of all types will be showcased; for established artists it will be a means to explore and be inspired by the stories of courage that those with mental health challenges face.  For those in the mental health community, the power of the arts will be a means of creative support, to accompany you through each one of your journeys.  From the artist perspective it is meant to say that we understand your obstacles, we don’t judge you for whats happened in the past, we invite you to speak and reach out when you are able, we want to say you are not alone.  We also want to enable you to share in the collaborative canvas of life in a safe and healthy manner.  If you want to create for the purpose of daily survival or ambitiously pursue a creative career as a path to emotional and economic independence, we want to be here for you.  How this will unfold, is still to be revealed, but we commit to make it happen.

How do I know, I speak from experience.  Art has given me a community to be myself, to let my creativity flourish amongst peers who may not understand what happens in my day to day life, but have done the best to guide me to a unique and special place, no matter what stumbles I’ve had along the way.  Art is more than, words, music, wood, paint, tools, sights and sounds, its self preservation for me, its about survival and life.

The day to day challenges in our world today are immense. Even if you feel you have nothing, give what you can, it always comes back if you look for it. Recently Sarah McLachlan was awarded an honorary doctorate of arts at SFU, and in her speech she says. “Giving back to the world is a fantastic way to live, I recommend it to all of you”, she proceeds to sing a song ‘The World is on Fire’, of which the lyrics say:

The world’s on fire and

It’s more than I can handle

I’ll tap into the water

(Try and bring my share)

I try to bring more

More than I can handle

(Bring it to the table)

Bring what I am able

So I am inviting you on a journey with us, as we take the Power of Art to the people in a way that will be safe, unique and meaningful.  I hope you can join us on one of these steps on Saturday August 6th for Sound Therapy ArtsFest, it is one of many expressions to come. Peace.


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