Welcome to Sound Therapy, exploring the Art of the Mind.  This program will focus on issues of mental wellness, creative expression and personal sustainability.  We hope to expand knowledge, open up possibilities, and be inspired by those that share their personal stories and expressions.  We believe healthy expression through art, whether, music, poetry, writing or performing, is a means for survival.

Through Sound Therapy we strive to be open to all perspectives so that you can be empowered in your own personal journeys. We aim to speak with the different participants and stakeholders in Mental Wellness and Disability, including, Clients, Advocates, Professionals, and Artists. We will explore alternative models for healing and sustaining the mind.

Through this project we want to help eliminate stigmas that are associated with Mental Health and other Disabilities. We advocate for rights of the individual in the world we live in and the human capacity for all, given the right opportunity.  We feel that the Arts has a significant role to play as a mechanism for a healthy mind in today’s society.

To contact us, please email us at soundtherapyarts@gmail.com