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A discussion on community media and the Arts – Tri – Cities edition with Geoff Scott and Darcy M (Tri Cities TV), Amber Krause Strocel of TheV3H and ArtsConnect.

Also, Musician, Teacher and Fine Arts Department Head of Terry Fox Secondary Steve Sainas plays some live tunes in the studios.  Steve also tells us about a dream that he will soon be fulfilling.

Don’t forget ‘Rock the Fox‘ at Terry Fox Secondary, Jan 11, 12 and 13th

Part 1 (30 minutes)

Part 2 (30 minutes)

In the Sound Therapy Radio studio, Devon MacFarlane speaks about a project  with Headlines Theatre that PRISM and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) is collaborating with to reduce stigma.

WendyD, a photographer and board member with the East Side Culture Crawl talks about this weekends upcoming excitement.

The Autumn Portrait, warms up the studio with his tunes.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Vancouver Coastal Health is part of a province-wide Addiction Knowledge Exchange initiative. One of the components of the Addiction Knowledge Exchange will be focused on reducing stigma and subsequently improving access to care of individuals and families whose lives are challenged by mental health and addiction issues.

As part of the anti-stigma initiative, VCH is sponsoring one night of Headlines Theatre’s Theatre for Living production of “Us  and Them (the inquiry).”

The theatre experience examines why society is often compelled to create a “them” in so many circumstances, a topic that is particularly relevant to us all.

We would like to invite you to attend the VCH-sponsored production of “Us  and Them (the inquiry).” on Sunday, November 28th, 2010 and take part in an evening of participatory theatrical inquiry that promises to be unique and memorable. Admission is by donation.

When:             November 28th, 2010 at 7:30pm
Where:            St. James Community Square
3214 West 10th Ave. Vancouver

Reservations recommended: 604.871.0508 or email<

Another live episode at Gallery Gachet.  In this episode hosted by Ana Bedard, we have dancer Natalie Hobbs who speaks about her collaborative projects.

Monique Hurteau and Lorne Cardinal comics and aboriginal creative mentors speak about their projects.  Monique also shares the strange and twisted blog stories about her weird landlord.

Singer Songwriter Blake Havard plays some live tunes for us.

Part 1

Part 2

On this episode of the The Artist Lounge we talk to musician Theda Phoenix who sings about salmon, amongst other things.  She also shares with us her experiences living more “naturally”

Mandara Lebovitz is with Arts Connect and an organizer for Pecha-Kucha, an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.  She also shares on her own art.

Colin Upton is a graphic novelist and comic book writer who has been involved in the comic book scene in Vancouver since 1985.  He shares on his “selfish” art and the changes he has seen in his artform over the years

Part One:

Part Two:

In this edition of ‘The Artist Lounge’ we jam the studio like hippies in an old school 3 cylinder Volkswagen.  Just like in the sixties we combine arts with social change.  Ryan, Faroe and Curtis from the Pipe Dreams Project talk about their paddle from Kitimat to Vancouver to raise awareness about the possibility of Tar Sands Oil Tankers on the North West Coast of BC.  Evelyn Yngveson provides some musical inspiration.

In the second half, Ana Bedard, speaks with Gala and Tyler from Media Democracy Day and 41st and Home crams into our interview studio and provide some more great music to cap an exciting episode.

Part 1 (30 Mins)

Part 2 (30 Mins)

We are joined by recording artists Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright about their experience with environmental activism and how they are able to combine the passion of music with spreading the good word about our environment.  We also talk about their experience in the Spring 2010  Get Out Migration, led by artist, biologist and activist Dr. Alexandra Morton.

Nicole Mackay, talks about the importance of Salmon in her life and the risks and the reaction from the community that her family whale watching business faced when Rafe Mair came to view fish farms.

Holly and Kevin, also bring the music with the message in an event with Dr. Alexandra Morton on Thursday October 28th at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

October 12, 2010

The Sound Therapy Radio team is proud to announce they are winners of two CJSF Awards.

Best Remote Broadcast: ‘The Artist Lounge’

Volunteer Programmer of the Year: J Peachy, Creator of Sound Therapy Radio.

Our first year has definitely been an exciting one and an incredible learning experience.  The culture at CJSF 90.1 FM has really allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional community radio and explore different ways to spread the message.  This has given us the opportunity to bring people together who have different skills but a common interest in advocating for the arts and mental wellness.

The Artist Lounge remote broadcasts really can’t  happen without the coordination between many people who are busy with their own projects.  Without the support and commitment by Ryan Fletcher host of ‘Melodies in Mind’ the other half of ‘Tuesday Night Live’, we would have not been able to have as much fun and success that we have had to date. Undoubtedly, we expect that to continue.

Although the Volunteer of the Year is a personal award, it doesn’t come without people believing in your vision and trusting that I could follow through.  Its definitely flattering and inspires me to continue and evolve the programming. There are many present and past contributors and guests who must share in the accolades in what at one time was merely a personal art project for me.

I think its an exciting time for community based media and am privileged to be associated with such a progressive station.


Carelle Dunn, Visual Artist

A special Francophone edition of the Artist Lounge. Hosts J Peachy and Ana Bedard welcome some great local French talent in the studio brought in by Bernard DeSalaberry, host of the Francophone Show Le Cercle Eclectique on CJSF.

Today, in ‘The Artist Lounge’ have Visual Artist Carelle Dunn who shares her Tour de France stories, while Singer Songwriter Myriam Parent gives us a taste of her beautiful music; Bernard, Carelle and Ana provide some random percussion in the background.

C’est magnifque!

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

Myriam Parent

Myriam Parent

In this episode we feature the musical stylings of Alexander Keurvorst and Cumulus Dischord. Sarah Mulder a local visual artist also drops by for a visit to talk about her creative projects.  Alexander, Ana and Sarah tell us that you can survive in Vancouver without a driver’s license.

Be sure to check our Sarah Mulder’s art show in November at the Agro Cafe on Granville Island

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)

'City Glance' by Sarah Mulder. Sewn in City Scapes on canvas

A back to school version of ‘The Artist Lounge’, we are joined by Joachim our new Swedish Intern and poet Ryan Fletcher.  Pat Bayes from Stand-up for Mental Health talks about the program and the dream to bring mental health comedy to campuses across the country.

We also speak with Barney Bentall about his return to music after being a rancher.

Part 1 (30 mins)

Part 2 (30 mins)


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