CJ is now Mic'd up

Follow the glorious travels of CJ the Sock Monkey, including stories and interesting interviews.  You’ll go bananas!

CJ is the official Sound Therapy Radio mascot.  Originally donated by Kat Thorsen and Hannah Pettinato of the Keith Lynn Alternative School on a past show of Sound Therapy Radio.

However on April 1, 2010, CJ was detained at the border.  Apparently a misunderstanding, the full body scanner detected trace chemical substances on her wool.  She was released after 30 minutes, however she proceeded to party with the border guards at the duty free shop, where they made banana smoothies for another six hours.  All the while, her caretaker J Peachy proceeded to launch an aggressive Political Campaign to free her.  This was even covered by local media.  With her tail between her legs she returned.

Naomi Lippett, Mike Priebe, Dan Mangan & CJ.

CJ was so affected by her experience she decided to persue media training at her local community radio station CJSF 90.1 FM at SFU in Burnaby.  She has now completed training and will be doing Monkey-Human Interest Stories.  She will be interviewing artists and creative people of all types who are making positive change in the world.  CJ is a supporter of Sock Monkey rights, she is also a big advocate for humans.

Here’s the Story Archive:

CJ, JP and Strombo